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    Question: I forgot my password, how do I change the security code?


    Answer: Unlike most ABB instruments, the C50 does NOT use a security link, or a Factory Master Code. There is a window of opportunity to view the current password installed (About 30 seconds after power is applied to the instrument). Once this information is retrieved, then you can enter the given password in order to access programming as well as change the password.



Detailed Steps:


Ensure that the controller is powered-down (The window of opportunity is only available within 30 seconds of power-up).


To Enter the Configuration Mode, power-up the controller and immediately after the LED test screen (within 30 seconds of power-up), hold down the and  keys simultaneously for approximately five seconds. You will then see (Input select screen).


Press until you see . The upper display shows the current password. **Please note that this password parameter is READ-ONLY at this level.


Exit the configuration Mode.  Hold down the and  keys simultaneously, and the controller will reset and you will see the LED test screen , followed by the process variable (operator level) .


At this point, you can enter the program and install the code given in step three (3) above. From there, you can change program parameters as well as the password (if so desired).



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