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    Question: My Instrument loses input intermittantly over a period of time. Why?

    Answer: There are a number of possibilities that would cause this problem.

    1) Make sure this is not a process problem. Many times, a process will exceed the input limits programmed into the instrument. When these limits are exceeded, the unit will go into fault status.

    2) Make sure the input device (ie:Rtd, Thermocouple, etc.) connections are dry and tight.

    3) It is possible that the input device is failing, try installing a replacement and see if that cures the fault.

    4) There is a possibility that the input circuit of the processor board (or I/O card in question) is beginning to fail. This would be particularly true if you have an instrument with a "G" or "H" serial number (Dating 96 - early 97). There was a design change at the factory during this period which proved to stress the A.D. circuit to its specified limits. The board is in need of upgrading & repair.



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