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      Question: Can these units be used outside in the weather?

      Answer: By design specifications, the answer is yes. However, it is highly recommended to either enclose the unit in a case, or at least provide an awning to help protect the unit from the elements.

      The C1900 has a NEMA 4X rating (click here for NEMA enclosure rating definitions). NEMA 4X means the unit is weatherproof, and can withstand rain.

      The problem is that water pockets on the watertight door gasket, and water runs down the side of the door every time the user opens the door to change the chart or pen.  This water then gets trapped inside the door and collects just below the display boards. This leads to display board corrosion and it will eventually fail.
      There is also a small area of the display overlay, which tends to fail and will allow water to enter the unit. Below the led bar lights (used as alarm indicators on recorder overlay, control deviation on controller overlay, and forward/divert flow indicators on pasteurizer overlay), there is only a 1/8" area of contact to the glue of the overlay. This weak spot frequently fails, and will let water seep into the door, ultimately damaging the display board.

      Another concern is direct sunlight. Electronics in general do not fair well in direct sunlight, but the C1900 is especially sensitive to sunlight. First, the unit has no ventilation available (In order to meet NEMA 4X requirements). Secondly, the chart plate is metal painted black and will absorb much of the heat received by the sun. When this chart plate heats up, it acts like a small toaster. Internal temperatures can easily exceed the rated operating temperature.

      As long as the C1900 is protected from direct sunlight and rain, these units can be mounted outside and will provide years of reliable operation.



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