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      Question: My new instrument has an unstable input while using our calibrator, but appears to be working fine when connected to the RTD. Why is this?

      Answer: There has been complaints of unstable RTD inputs while using various calibrators on only the new C1900's, which was introduced in 2005.  It appears that the input design change of the C1900 is incompatible with some "active" RTD calibration devices (active is defined by a calibrator that uses electronic circuitry to simulate a RTD value).

      It may be that the calibrator is not capable of sourcing the output, and some calibrators may have variable output level settings.  However, it is our opinion that the creation of these active calibrators can be summed up in one phrase:"Re-inventing the wheel!!" It does not make sense to use various electronic devices (which include multiple resistors) to re-create a single resistance value. A simple (and inexpensive) decade box will serve the same purpose as these calibrators. With no compatibility issues, and far less components to fail over time.

      Please Note: The original design of the C1900 using the older Processor (C1900-0265 or C1900-0365) and I/O boards (C1900-0255) do not seem to be affected by these calibrators. We have only received this complaint with the introduction of the latest design boards (Processor: C1900-0425, I/O: C1900-0405).



Photos of the older and newer design for comparison

Older DIP Version I/O Card

Newer SMT Version I/O Card

Older DIP Version Processor Board
(C1900-0265 or C1900-0365)

Newer SMT Version Processor Board

Older DIP Version Software Key
(C1900-03XX Series)

Newer SMT Version Software Key
(C1900-13XX Series)

* The Display Board (C1900-0275/0276) is the only board that has remained the same


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