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    Question: I have 120VAC on the transformer primary, but no voltage on the secondaries. Is the transformer available?

    Answer: We do carry replacement transformers in stock, however transformers are usually salvageable.  Although the factory only offers a protection fuse as an option, there is a hidden fuse inside the transformer of all C1900's.



To verify if internal fuse is good:

Detailed Steps:


Remove Processor board from instrument and place on static-safe  table 


Turn processor board over to expose solder side 


With the transformer located in the upper left hand corner, the internal fuse is located between the top two posts of the left side pins (Pins 1 & 2)  

(For Reference, Pin 4 is not used)

4) If pins 1 & 2 show open ohms, then the internal fuse has blown. We can replace this fuse with a 1A pico-fuse. Keep in mind that the fault may still exist, and may need to be repaired before the fuse is replaced.
5) Solder the 1A pico-fuse between pins 1 & 2 as shown
6) Remove all flux with a sufficient cleaner.
7) Install board in instrument, and apply power to unit.
8) If the fuse blows again or if the board does not respond, please call us for repair services.



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