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I forgot my password, how do I change the security code?


What does A.d.Fail (Error 3) mean?, and what can I do about it?


My Instrument is recording backwards at a fast rate. Why?


Is there a way to reset the program to factory default?


My Instrument is scrolling through the program, and I cannot gain access. Why?


My Instrument no longer recognizes itself as a controller. How can I correct this?


My Instrument loses input intermittantly over a period of time. Why?


I replaced the A.d. (129S1355) chip, and I got the board to work, can I buy these?


My instrument pens are all the way to the outside edge, and I hear gear "chattering". Once in a while, the pens will start to go back to record, but then they will suddenly stop, and return to the outside edge again. What is wrong?


I have 120VAC on the transformer primaries, but no voltage on the secondaries. Is the transformer available?

11) I like the Pen Adjust feature on my new C1900, How do I upgrade my older units?

My instrument will not recognize the upgrade kit I just installed. What is wrong?

13) My instrument will not recognize the new I/O Card, It only displays a "0". Why is this?
14) My new instrument has an unstable input while using our calibrator, but appears to be working fine when connected to the RTD. Why is this?
15) Can these units be used outside in the weather?

I have multiple C1900's existing in our plant and we interchange boards when problems occur. I want to buy some new units for spare parts, but I was told that the Commander 1900 has newly designed boards. Are the old and new C1900's compatible?


Where do I make the internal connections for the Dairy Board?


We have the non-upgradeable version (C1901J) recorder and we now have a need for the missing relay for an alarm. Do we need to buy the upgradeable version (C1911J) to replace our existing recorder or is there a way to modify or upgrade this unit with the relay output?


Will all pens keep accurate time on the chart?
What is the pen to chart time accuracy?


Why is my chart plate gears slipping everytime I change pens?
Can I get the parts and replace the gears myself?


Why is there a unused display board painted black inside my door after a repair?


I have many C1900 Parts in stock, but I do not know if I have everything for the upgrade I want. Can you help me determine which individual parts I need instead of buying the upgrade kits?


Is it possible to convert the limited non-upgradeable processor board to the full capabilities of the standard processor board?


I have lost/stripped the threaded copper/brass inserts of the case. Are they available for purchase and how difficult are they to install?



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