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ABB Automation


100mm Strip Chart Recorder

3- or 6-trace recording on a 100mm chart
-  common time base for instant process comparison


High clarity liquid crystal display
-  for process value, units and channel tags


Universal process inputs
-  accepts thermocouples with ACJC, RTDs, mA, mV & V


Available pre-configured to your requirements
-  make connections and it's ready to go!


2-wire transmitter power supply as standard
-  for up to three, loop-powered transmitters


RS485 MODBUS serial communications
-  provide full integration with your control system


Rugged design IP65 (NEMA3), washdown protection
-  reliability in the harshest environments


Six relay outputs
-  for High/Low process alarms


Factory Warranty
-  Two years from date of purchase

The SR100B provides accurate and reliable recording of 3 or 6 process signals on a 100mm wide chart. In-built text printing capabilities give clear annotation on the chart of time, date, scales and channel identifiers.

A clear view of process status is provided by the liquid crystal display (LCD) and up-to-the-minute recording can be quickly examined by means of the 'Easy View' facility. The recorder is designed for panel mounting and provides complete dust and water protection on the front face, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.

The SR100B can be supplied pre-configured for the signal types and ranges you specify when ordering. All configurations can be adjusted on site by means of the front panel keys or a PC Configurator.
The SR100B can be supplied either for panel mounting or for portable use. The front fascia, rated IP65 (NEMA3), is resistant to hosedown and dusty environments.


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 Build your instrument from scratch.

Standard features: Universal process inputs, 70mA transmitter power supply and one digital input.

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* Note: The SR100B is a simplified lower cost SR100A. The following features are removed on the SR100B.

1.   Ability to assign any input to any pen
2.   Event pens
3.   Message blocks and alarm messages
4.   Totalization
5.   Logic equations
6.   Channel value printing
7.   Custom linearization
8.   Real time alarms
9.   Cue and Review
10. Customized displays
11. French and German scrolls
12. Memory card option
13. Math blocks
14. Only relay card options are available


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