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ABB Automation


100mm Advanced
Strip Chart Recorder

1- to 6-trace recording on a 100mm chart
-  continuous intelligent traces on a common time base


Precision universal process inputs
-  accepts thermocouples, RTDs, mA, mV & V


Unique Cue and Review incident analysis
-  historical data at the touch of a button


High clarity LCD display
-  clear message display and text prompts


Totalizers, math and logic equations
-  advanced processing capabilities, soft wiring for extended functionality


RS485 MODBUS serial communications
-  provide full integration with your control system


Dust- and water-resistant to IP65 (NEMA3) front fascia
-  for harsh industrial environments


Direct configuration and logging on PC
-  dedicated configuration software, datalogging to memory card


Factory Warranty
-  Two years from date of purchase

The SR100A is a 100mm strip chart recorder providing accurate and reliable recording of up to 6 channels. The SR100A also provides a range of advanced processing capabilities such as flow totalization, math blocks, logic equations, configurable displays and full message printing, which can be configured via the front panel fascia or PC Configurator software.

When fitted with the optional PC memory card data storage, RS485 Modbus communication and up to 12 alarm relays, the recorder becomes a very powerful signal processing tool.

To assist the operator in analyzing any process problem, the SR100A has a unique patented Cue-and-Review system, allowing the user to examine historical data anywhere on the chart at the push of a button.
The SR100A can be supplied either for panel mounting or for portable use. The front fascia, rated IP65 (NEMA3), is resistant to hosedown and dusty environments.


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Standard features: Universal process inputs, 70mA transmitter power supply, one digital input, and the following advanced functions: 4 math blocks, 10 logic equations, 6 flow totalizers, and 12 process alarms.

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