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ScreenMaster SM3000

Videographic Recorder

Large clear display
-  31cm (12.1 in.) thin film transistor (TFT) color screen


Unsurpassed environmental protection
-  hosedown to IP66 and NEMA4X standards


Multiple point recording
-  up to 36 universal analog inputs


Robust and convenient archive storage
-  solid-state high-reliability SmartMedia and Compact Flash memory card options


Intuitive user interface
-  clear and simple Windows-style operation and configuration menus


10BaseT Ethernet communications as standard
- easy integration into PC networks
-  remote monitoring/access
- email notification of alarms and status reports


21 CFR Part 11 compliant data security
-  extensive physical and electronic security features


Factory Warranty
-  Two years from date of purchase

The SM3000 Multipoint Videographic Recorder features state-of-the-art data storage and security technologies. Up to 36 universal analog inputs, communicated inputs or math results can be recorded and displayed in a variety of operator views.

Standard 10BaseT Ethernet communications ensure full integration into PC networks for remote process monitoring and secure access to archived process data.

8Mb of onboard flash memory, capable of storing 2.8 million samples of data and the option of either SmartMedia or Compact Flash removable memory cards (with capacity up to 128Mb), provide extensive data storage capability.

A bright, clear high-contrast 31cm (12.1 in.) TFT display, Windows-style operation and configuration menus ensure clear and simple operator interface.


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