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100mm Process
Indicator Recorder

One or two pen continuous line 100mm recorder
-  universal input for thermocouple, RTD, mV, mA and Volt


Clear, 5-digit LED display
-  high visibility, wide viewing angle


Two (5A) alarm relays as standard
-  allocated to individual channels or common to both


Isolated analog retransmission
-  easy connection to management system


Two digital inputs
-  chart start/stop, change chart speed or remote alarm acknowledge


Configuration from front fascia or via PC
-  simple configuration setup and storage procedure


Transmitter power supply
-  power each loop as standard unit, no extras needed


IP65 / NEMA3 protection
-  reliability in the harshest environments


Factory Warranty
-  Two years from date of purchase

The CR100 is a one or two pen continuous-line 100mm strip chart recorder with a number of features included as standard:
- Two alarm relays
- Isolated analog retransmission
- Two digital inputs
- Transmitter power supply.

These inbuilt features make the CR100 an extremely versatile chart recorder.

The CR100 has a bright, 5-digit LED display giving clear indication of the process. Configuration using the front keys is very easy. The CR100 can also be configured using the PC Configuration software increasing the flexibility and reducing setup time.
With a IP65 / NEMA3 front fascia, the CR100 is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.


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Standard features: Isolated universal process inputs, transmitter power supply, two digital inputs and two relays.

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