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Multi-Recipe Profile
1/4 DIN Controller

Dedicated for ramp/soak profile applications
-  easy to use and follow customized display with direct control of the profile

Simple selection of multi-segment profiles
-  99 segments and 20 profiles, configurable via the PC Configurator or front facia


Clear multicolr display with fingertip adjustment
-  displays current program/segment, set point, time remaining and profile status


Automatic operation with manual override
-  dedicated switches to Run/Hold or Stop and selection of profiles


Comprehensive input/output capabilities
-  three analog inputs, two analog outputs, up to four relays and four digital inputs, plus RS485 Modbus for total flexibility


Guaranteed ramp/soak with individual hysteresis
-  ensuring product quality, whatever the process conditions


Self-seeking set point function
-  save process startup time, reduce costs


Easy-clean IP66/NEMA4X front face
-  ideal for hosedown and harsh applications


Factory Warranty
-  Two years from date of purchase

The COMMANDER 360 Profile Controller has advanced ramp/soak profiling to make the operation as simple and as easy as possible for the operator. A dedicated display shows, at a glance, set point, process variables, current program/segment and time remaining in that segment. Three LED's indicate the direction of the segment, either ramping up/down or in a soak, while the profile is running.

To give a simplified operator interface, specialized buttons have been included to Run/Hold or Stop the profile and to increase or decrease the time remaining in the current segment.

Special features include guaranteed ramp/soak, self-seeking set point, four time events (which can be allocated to relays as common events), maths, alarm and interlocking logic as well as cascade control for complex applications.

The COMMANDER 360 has a NEMA4X/IP66 front face making it ideal for use in the harshest of environments.



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As standard the COMMANDER 360 is fitted with three analog inputs (two universal, one non-universal), transmitter power supply, two analog outputs or one analog/one logic output, two relays and two digital inputs

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