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ABB Automation


Pasteurizer (STLR & HTST)
Recorder and Controller

Dedicated Pasteurizer Recorder/Controller
-  designed to meet requirements of the pasteurization processes


High clarity digital displays
-  continuous indication of hot products and divert temperature


Compliance review
-  meets PMO requirements


Pasteurizer status indicator
-  LED indication to show forward or diverted flow


True time event pen
-  4-position event, records divert and forward flow plus optional CIP (Clean in process) and secondary divert


Up to eight diversion set points
-  local or remote selection of hot product divert temperature settings


Hot product pen calibration
-  optimization of pen reading to independent thermometer


Second resistance thermometer option
-  allows checking for sensor error and gives additional alarm/divert protection


Chart Illumination now available from DIS
-  Low-Output version for subtle trace viewing
-  High-Output version for clear chart viewing
-  Click here for chart illumination sample


Factory Warranty
-  Two years from date of purchase

The C1951 recorder and 1952/1953 recorder/controllers have been designed sphecifically for pasteurization applications.

The Model C1951 records the hot product temperature and either divert set point or cold product temperature.

Model C1952 is a recorder/controller, recording hot product and either divert set point or cold product temperature and controlling hot water temperature.
Model C1953 is the top of the range recorder/controller, combining all the capabilities of the C1952 with cold water temperature control from the cold product temperature probe.
All versions are fitted with a 4-position true time event pen which indicates forward flow, divert, CIP and secondary divert (if required) via a digital input from valves etc.
All models are fully password protected and can be sealed, as required by the FDA.
The C1950 series recorder is a totally self-contained unit suitable for panel, wall or post mounting. As standard, the case is rated NEMA4X (IP66), making it suitable for use in almost any location in a modern dairy where cleaning of all surfaces takes place.


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Instrument Type


CSA approval is not available on units with divert relay module fitted



Illuminated Chart Options added in-house

Power Supply

Module Position 2

1952, Enter code 1 for optional cold product module

1951 and 1953, Enter code 0 cold product module always fitted

Module Position 3

1952 and 1953, Enter code 0 hot water module always fitted

1951, No Option permitted

Module Position 4

Module Position 5

Module Position 6

If Divert Relay Card option is selected in position 5, no other option is permitted




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