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ABB Automation


Universal Process
1/8 DIN Controller

Quick code configuration, easy access auto-tune
-  easy operation and commissioning


Analog, relay and logic outputs as standard
-  extensive control capabilities built-in


Universal process input with transmitter power supply
-  direct connection for any process signal


Hoseproof front panel and full noise immunity
-  reliability in the harshest environments


RS485 / MODBUS serial communications
-  SCADA, PLC and open systems integration


Factory Warranty
-  Two years from date of purchase

The COMMANDER 100 Universal Process Controller is a highly versatile, single loop controller designed to be exceptionally easy to operate and set up.

Universal input and integral transmitter power supply ensure that the COMMANDER 100 has the capabilities to measure a wide range of process signals such as temperature, pressure, flow and level.

Analog, logic and relay control outputs are all fitted as standard, with the option to add further i/o capabilities such as additional relays, remote set point and digital input, to suit your application.

With hoseproof front panel protection and superior RF immunity as standard the COMMANDER 100 has been designed to control  reliably in the harshest industrial environments.


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 Build your instrument from scratch.

Standard features include: Universal process input, Analog, logic and relay output, Transmitter power supply, Ramp/Soak and Autotune.

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