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ABB SM500F Field Mountable ScreenMaster Videographic Recorder

The SM500F is a field-mountable videographic recorder. Its unique enclosure design enables wall-, pipe-, or panel-mounting of the unit. Process data is displayed clearly to the local operator through a variety of display formats, including chart, bargraph and digital indicator displays. Additionally, process data is logged securely to the removable memory card. Ethernet communications provide convenient remote monitoring of the process and access to logged data.

ABB SM1000 ScreenMaster Videographic Recorder

The SM1000 features the state-of-the-art technology featured across the SM Series whilst ensuring maximum simplicity of use. The solid state Compact Flash and SmartMedia memory card options provide storage capability far greater than that typically found on a recorder of this price level. The SM1000's ability to record up to 12 process signals also means that it can do the work of two similarly priced recorders .

ABB SM2000 ScreenMaster Advanced Videographic Recorder

The SM2000 provides advanced functionality recording and high specification hardware features, making it suitable for almost any recording application.

The SM2000's touch sensitive display effortlessly guides the operator through the configuration and text information is rapidly entered using the on-screen keyboard.

ABB SM3000 ScreenMaster Multi-point Videographic Recorder

The SM3000 can record up to 36 channels - each channel features 4 process alarms and 2 flow totalizers. 6 process groups are provided, allowing channels to be grouped together and individual displays created for different processes. The large 31cm (12.1in.) display maximizes visibility of process data.