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ABB SR100B Commander 100mm Process Recorder

The SR100B provides simple, reliable and cost effective recording of up to six process variables for everyday use but comes with features normally only found on top-of-the-range models. A clear view of process status is provided by the LCD display. Chart annotation and rcent recording can be quickly examined using the unique 'Easy View' facility. With ease-of-use firmly in mind, the SR100 can be supplied preconfigured for the signal types and ranges you specify when ordering.

ABB SR100A Commander 100mm Advanced Process Recorder

The definitive recorder for paper recording, combining all the attributes of the SR100B plus exiting features that help solve the process problems of the real world - including a range of advanced processing capabilities, such as flow totalization, math blocks, logic equations, configurable displays and full message printing - all of which can be configured via the front panel fascia or PC Configuration software.

ABB SR250B Commander 250mm Strip Chart Recorder

Offers full 250mm chart recording capability of up to 12 channels requiring less panel area than a 180mm instrument. A patented 'Z-trace' ensures each individual channel is easily distinguishable and access to recent and historical data is instantly available through the unique 'Easy-View' and 'Cue & Review' functions.

ABB SR250A Commander 250mm Advanced Strip Chart Recorder

In addition to the features  found in the SR250B, this model has as standard: Up to 24 traces, Configurable chart zoning, Event recorder and Value printing. It also has a range of advanced processing capabilities that can be configured via the front panel fascia or PC Configuration software: Flow totalization, Math blocks, Logic equations, Configurable displays and Full message printing.