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ABB C1300 Commander Advanced Circular Chart Recorder

Advanced programmable recorder for up to 4 pens with NEMA 4X / IP66 protection. Combines traditional paper chart recording technology with the latest advances in electronic data collection, given you more power than ever before. Features high definition LCD display panel with powerful totalizer functions. Loaded with standard features and can be quickly upgraded to meet changing process requirements.

ABB C1900J Commander Circular Chart Recorder

Fully programmable circular chart recorder for up to 4 process signals. Straightforward operator controls and robust construction make it suitable for a number of industrial environments. Advanced functionality is complemented by a powerful range of options that give it the flexibility to match your application needs. NEMA4X/IP66 protection means that the recorder will thrive in the harshest industrial environments.

ABB C1901J Commander Circular Chart Recorder

Bare-bones, non-upgradeable programmable circular chart recorder for 1 universal process signal (exc. 2-wire transmitter) with NEMA 4X/IP66 protection. The economical choice for applications where only recording a single variable is required. Totalization is the only option available to this unit.

ABB C1900R Commander Circular Chart Recording Controller

A fully programmable, circular chart recorder with integral capability for single or dual loop PID control. Fully upgradeable with up to 4 pens and a large assortment of option modules. NEMA 4X/IP66 protection insures adequate protection in the harshest environments.

ABB C1950 Commander Pasteurizer Recorder (S.T.L.R.) and Recording Controller (H.T.S.T.)

Three separate models give outstanding coverage of pasteurizer applications. Choose from a simple recording device (S.T.L.R)  to the top of the range Hot/Cold product controller/recorder (H.T.S.T.).

ABB C1960 Commander Multi-Recipe Recorder / Controller

For applications where advanced ramp/soak profiling control and the recording of multiple process parameters is all-important. It is designed as a totally self-contained unit with 20 profiles / 99 segments and features such as guaranteed ramp/soak, a dedicated operator display and time events to assign relays / outputs to individual or multiple segments.

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