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ABB Kent-Taylor

Fulscope ER/C 1900J

Circular Chart Recorder

Record up to three variables
-  records up to three measured process variables using a 10-inch circular chart.


0.1% measurement accuracy
-  Precision / galvanic isolation of process inputs


Universal input, analog, relay output, and transmitter power supply as standard
-  input capabilities include Thermocouple, RTD's, mV dc, V dc, and mA dc


Process alarms
-  standard alarm relay on each pen.


Options available for added capabilities
-  totalization, 2 additional relays, retransmission will meet even the most demanding application


NEMA 3 enclosure
-  increases installation flexibility


RS422 communications port
-  remote monitoring and control


Chart Illumination now available from DIS
-  Low-Output version for subtle trace viewing
-  High-Output version for clear chart viewing
-  Click here for chart illumination sample


DIS Warranty
-  Two years from date of purchase

The Fulscope ER/C Recorder is a microprocessor-based instrument that can be used to record up to three measured process variables.

Process input capability for each pen is user selectable for direct connection of thermocople, RTD, mA, V, or mA input. Ranging is automatic. All process inputs are galvanically isolated from the rest of the instrument. All thermocouple and RTD linearization is automatically performed. Square-law linearization is user configurable. A 24VDC, nonisolated, transmitter power supply is provided on each pen with two-wire mA dc inputs.

Record functions, alarm settings, and other parameters are easily configured via front face mounted keys and easily understood display prompts. All configuration is protected via the instrument's security access system and is contained within nonvolatile memory.


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    Please Note: This model is no longer in production. All units are refurbished to last known specifications and backed by our two-year warranty.

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 Build your instrument from scratch.

Standard features (per pen): Universal process input, transmitter power supply, one relay output, and one 4-20mA analog output

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