Repair Procedures


Repair Procedures

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Repair Procedures

Before Shipping of repair:

    A unit subject to repair should be properly identified.

    The unit is properly packed for shipping.

    Included should be: Identification information about your company. A description concerning the problem with the unit. Any documentation concerning the unit if possible (schematics, drawings, hook up information, manuals, etc.)

    No RMA is required for repair, however a RMA is required if you wish to view the progress of your repair using our on-line status.



 Each Repair is processed using these ten basic steps:

1) Item is checked in the same day of delivery. (more)

2) The item is fully dis-assembled for a complete and accurate diagnosis (more)

3) The boards are installed and tested in a special automated system (more)

4) After proper testing, we will fax or email a repair quote to you. Normally you will receive our quote within 24 Hours that DIS receives your unit.

    Every Monday, DIS will send you a weekly reminder notice if you do not respond to a quote (This helps prevent missed or lost quotes, and minimizes unnecessary delay of repair).


5a) If the repair is declined, the unit will be put back together, and sent back to you without any evaluation fees. Shipping & Handlings fees would apply

5b) If approved*, flagged (faulty) components will be replaced (more)

    If the unit is approved, you can request a weekly progress report concerning your repair. This report is also generated on Monday.

    Parts not in house are ordered within 24 Hours of approval.

6) Instrument case, door, and other parts will be washed, and brought back to "Like New" condition (more)

7) Instrument will be re-assembled after boards pass there initial testing

8) Unit will be tested in a Temperature/Humidity Environment to mimic actual conditions (as close as possible) for at least 24 Hrs (more)

9) Unit will be final tested using a check-list program that will check every feature of item being tested (more)

10) Unit will be carefully packed for shipping (UPS Ground service will be provided at our expense for all approved repairs)

* DIS will begin the repair cycle only after receiving written acknowledgment from you. Normally this takes the form of a return fax of our quote with a signature, a date and a purchase order number. DIS will accept any format as long as the proper information is provided.


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