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Repair Procedures


  3) The boards are installed and tested in a special automated system


Each component on a board has a known electrical signature (finger print) associated with it. We have an extensive database of these electrical signatures. The Robotics test each and every component on a circuit board, and compares it with the known signatures on file (Robotics are used because manual testing would not be practical due to its time consumption). This will give us an immediate indication of the extent of work required in any given board.

This process is performed twice. Once with a typical tolerance of approx. 10%, which is used for the standard one-year warranty. Twice with a tighter tolerance of approx. 5%, which is used for the pro-rated two-year warranty*.

* In some rare cases, the two-year warranty will not be available, because the amount of component replacement required would exceed the economical amount to repair product. In such cases, we will offer you the option of repair by replacement with available rebuilt stock.




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