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About the ABB Chicago Service Division

     ABB Kent-Taylor Service Division - 1994

    The original group consisted of all former Stallings & Co. employees. Which included Ken Colwell, Paulette Ogrodney, Ray Soappman, Herold Bush, John Derohan, & Kevin Ninus (only by weeks).

     ABB Kent-Taylor Service Division - Early 1995

    The following photos were taken during a farewell compilation for Bob March. The group consisted of Paulette Ogrodney, Ken Colwell, Herold Bush, Ray Soappman, John Derohan (who just happened to be laid-off the same day these photos were taken), & Bob March. Bob's position was filled months later by Bill Rosen.

    Photos will be posted soon

     ABB Instrumentation Sevice Division - Late 1997

    The following photo was taken just weeks before Ken Colwell passed away, and Ray Soappman transferred out to Oregon to start a West Coast repair facility. This was the height of the Mid-West service facility. Phil Boyer was let go and Jeff Bardwell left within a year of this photo. Herold & Bill were laid off when the Mid-West Service Center was closed in 2002.


Left to Right:

Bill Rosen, Phil Boyer, Jeff Bardwell, Ken Colwell, Herold Bush, & Ray Soappman.

Not pictured: Paulette Ogrodney



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